April 25, 2012

Dictionary Detectives

So here it is... my newest unit on TPT!  It breaks down the dictionary with a detective theme.  Each day a "clue" to the dictionary is delivered to the classroom.  Students must use the clues to complete detective assignments throughout the week.  At the conclusion (and after passing the Official Dictionary Detective Test, of course!), I included certificates and detective ID badges.  I had a lot of fun creating this unit and I really hope you and your students enjoy it. 

You can get it HERE!

Smiles and Snapshots,

April 24, 2012

Dunk Tank!

Friday was our school's Spring Fling.  This is a fellow 2nd grade teacher (on the left) and I getting ready for the dunk tank.  

So much fun but I have to admit that I was pretty sore.  Who knew the dunk tank was a workout!  She's actually roommate starting in May so we are thinking of blowing this picture up and putting it over the mantle.  I kid, I kid.  But it WILL go up somewhere in the apartment, I'm  sure! 

I'm  putting some finishing touches on the newest unit to go in my TPT  store so check back within the next few days to grab it!  My boyfriend leaves for an extended hike next Tuesday.  He'll be gone until July which means I'll be cranking a lot of schoolwork to keep myself occupied while he's gone!  Gotta keep myself busy!

Ok seriously, falling asleep! 
Check back for my unit: "Dictionary Detectives!"

Smiles and Snapshots,

April 17, 2012

My TPT store is open! WAHOO!

I'm obsessed with TeachersPayTeachers.  No really.  What a great site to find excellent resources for my classroom.  I just opened up my own TPT store this afternoon.  I may have jumped up and down a little bit... but oh well! :)

I used to have literacy centers in my classroom but I recently began the Daily 5.  I had a center in which my students put high frequency words in ABC order but I wanted to come up with a way that I could assess my students each month, would be easy to grade, and would increase in difficulty each month.  I created Month-By-Month a-BEE-c order! 

Let me know what you think! :)

Smiles and Snapshots,

April 14, 2012

Long Time Coming

It's been a while... a little too long if you ask me but (I'm sure like most of you) my life has been insanely crazy for the past month or so.  Only 30 something days of school left and I'm packing in all that I can.  I don't even want to begin to think of when my kiddos will move on to 3rd grade.  I feel as though they teach ME something new every day.  I'm soaking it all in!

It's hard to believe that it is April but here is the "Currently" from over at

Seriously.  I strongly despise cutting things out.  I'm  OBSESSED with laminating... if only I could just cut it out automatically.  That would be awesome!

So I applied and have been accepted to a Summer Writing Institute.  I'm stoked!  We have had "Pre Institute" days to prepare for this summer and I've already gotten some really great ideas for my classroom.  I'm such a stickler for routine in my classroom.  I like to be in control of what is going on throughout my room and everyone writing something different has always scared me.  I've been researching and thinking and brainstorming how to ease (myself) into this whole giving my kiddos a choice of what to write.  I came up with a choice board that gives my kiddos some examples of what they can do.

I also created a box of magazine pictures that they can go to for inspiration if they are stuck.  It's the first week that I have not only implemented this but The Daily 5 as well.  It really went well and I am  looking forward to digging even deeper with my kids in the weeks to come. 

Smiles and Snapshots,