August 17, 2013

Classroom Tour and TPT Sale

This week has been so busy getting my classroom ready!  I can't wait to show it to you!

This is absolutely my favorite part of my classroom... my classroom library!

I wanted a cozy space that was well organized for the kiddos.  The baskets are organized according to Genre but if I have a lot of one specific series (i.e. Junie B. Jones) then they get their own basket.  My classroom didn't have any bookshelves but I bought these beauties at Target.  I'm wanting a 5th one to replace the silver shelf to the left.  It's on my list of things to get at some point.

I also wanted a place to hang our anchor charts.  I used glittery clothespins from Michaels and hot glued tacks on the back so that they would go into my bulletin board.  

My filing cabinet displays where students will choose lunch each day.  I got the wire "Flat Stanley" from a yard sale a few years ago and that's where I will place any of our mentor texts.  My boyfriend's mom is currently making a cover for the shelf that isn't sheer but this will do for now.

The back displays inspirational quotes from Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans.  The large cabinet will be where I place all of our SS terms to know for each unit.

Don't worry!  There will be a table skirt around that table on Monday!  YIKES!  But it's a great place to store items until I need them.  On top, my shelf from Big Lots will house all of my station items for ELA.  I will also display our Editor's Checklist as we compile it throughout the year.

This is what the front of my room looks like.  To the right is my teacher area.  I'm loving my cursive alphabet from LadyBug Teacher Files.

I love my Cafe board!  I got the printouts from LadyBug Teacher Files.  We will velcro the items to the ribbon as we talk about them.

I bought frames and Hobby Lobby and this is where I will write the Essential Questions each day!  I added magnets to the back of each of them because I knew this is where I wanted them!  I love the way they turned out!!

Each grade level has a theme for the hallway and 4th grade's theme is "Hollywood/Movies!"  So I talked with some friends at the local movie theater and they were nice enough to donate these posters!  Everything else came from Party City.

I looked on my TPT account today.... I have 43 items in my TPT wishlist.  These are 43 things that I've been wanting, wishing for, and dying to use in my classroom.  How many are on your TPT wishlist?  This weekend is a great opportunity to get some of those items... during the TPT Back to School Sale!

{Thanks to Krista from The Creative Chalkboard for the cute sale sign! :)}

All of my items are 20% PLUS you can use the Promo Code: BTS13 for additional savings!

Smiles and Snapshots! :)

August 11, 2013

Blogger Exchange and an Organizational FREEBIE!

I can't believe that I go back to work this week.  We can't get into our school tomorrow and Tuesday is our last day of summer vacay before Teacher Workdays begin on Wednesday.  I am going to TRY not to go to the school on Tuesday.  I'd rather lay in bed all day in my pjs and watch reruns of the Big Bang Theory.  I'll let you know how that one goes! ha.

I talked my mom into going with me to my room on Friday and helping.  With my foot still recovering from surgery, I am not able to really stand on anything and get things hung up.  My mom was a HUGE HUGE help!

I have a little bit more to do inside my room and hopefully my next post will be a tour of the finished product! Wahoo!!!!

Did you participate in the Back to School Blogger Exchange?

I was paired with Amelia from Where the Wild Things Learn!  She sent me some great goodies to start of the school year!

Thanks Amelia! :)

I love organization.  I love having everything ready and in "its spot" so that I can easily get things ready  for the week.  I bought these a few years ago.  It's 2 Sterlite drawer organizers stacked on top of one another.  I've always reserved the top 5 drawers for Monday-Friday and the 6th for "Next Week." 

I decided to jazz them up a little this year.

I love the way they turned out!  You can grab this freebie HERE! }

Smiles and Snapshots! :)

August 6, 2013

Monday Made It... on a Tuesday

The summer is certainly winding down and I (like you too, I'm sure!) am busier than ever! I spent the day trying to work in my classroom.  My poor boyfriend had to go with me and listen to my ranting as he put together several items (2 shelves and a desk chair).  Couldn't have done it without him!

So I'm linking up with my first ever Monday Made- It... on a Tuesday. 
Better late than never, right?

I LOVE birthdays!  I always like to give my kiddos something to take with them.  I found these pencils at Walmart for $1 a pack.

I found these super CUTE printables from Lucky to Be In First!

I cut each of them out and attached them to the pencils.  I will put them in my clear paint can from Michael's so they are easily accessible on birthdays.

Another thing I've been working on are my Goodwill finds.  I got 2 of these chairs for $5.50 each.  I didn't really like the khaki color and wanted something a little more fun!
I spent a few days sanding them.  (I have decided that I strongly dislike sanding!) And found this fun color at Home Depot.
I cannot wait to put these in my classroom library!!!!

And then I decided to jump on the "Teacher Toolbox" bandwagon.  But I have wanted one for my desk and one for my guided reading table.  I brought really bright scrapbook paper from Target and used a template that I downloaded from Fun in 4B.  I love the way that they turned out.

Evidently, I've been feeling extra crafty lately!  

I spent the weekend with a wonderful group of bloggers!  Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness put together a great SC blogger meet-up where I got to meet a lot of the bloggers that I currently follow.  I also got to meet a lot of bloggers that I now follow! :)

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Emily AND Kerry at Third and Goal
The Charleston girls - so jealous of your location and loved talking with you at lunch.  I say we have next year's meet-up in your zip code! :)

The Sweetest Thing

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Amanda at Teaching Maddeness
Teaching Maddeness

Go check out some of my new bloggy friends! 

Smiles and Snapshots! :)

August 1, 2013

August Currently

I'm confused. It's August ALREADY?  Where did June and July go?  I have no clue but I've spent the day at my new school in my new classroom and I am so excited!  To celebrate, I am linking up with Farley for her Currently!

Listening:  AGT is on.. same episode as last night.  Really I'm just killing time until Big Brother comes on at 9!  Anyone else addicted? 
Loving:  So this week I OFFICIALLY became a Thirty-One consultant.  I'm stoked!  Interested in getting a new teacher bag for this year or a new thermal tote for you or your child?  Don't have a consultant?  Interested in having an online/catalog party even if we don't live in the same state?
Visit my site:
(or email me at
( Shameless plug OVER :) )
Thinking:  I am so excited about attending the SC blogger meet-up this weekend in Greenville. I have never been to one but I am looking forward to meeting some awesome teachers.
Wanting:  I am seriously in overload with ideas for my classroom thanks to Pinterest, instagram, all of the blogs I stalk.  I have zebra again but adding  a lot of neon throughout.  Do you have a theme or color scheme this year?
Needing:  I love my little Scotch laminator and I LOVE laminating stuff.  However, I have a deep hatred for cutting it out.  Ugh!
B2S Must Haves: 1. teacher bag: thirty-one of course!
2. EC planner:  What did I EVER do without?!
3. Post-Its:  There is just something so wonderful about opening up a new pack of colorful post-its!  I love lists so it's right up my alley!
Alright! Go link up!
Smiles and Snapshots! :)