November 24, 2012

Well I'm back!

Last blog entry: September 2.  Yep.  That's pretty much right.  Haven't really even taken a breath since then.  Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to describe the feeling that I have had for the past few months.  Does anyone else feel this way this year?  I thought year #3 was supposed to be a little less stressful. 

Here's the run down of the past few months.
1. Surviving in 4th grade.  I'm loving it but WOW!  I'm having to study every night.  No joke.  I didn't realize how big of a jump it would be from 2nd to 4th grade.

2. Grad school.  ONE MORE WEEK!  I just submitted my final paper.  I will have to get online feedback on my abstract from my classmates and then I am DONE!  I will have my Masters of Education in Early Childhood Literacy.  Can I get an amen!? :)

3. My ankle.  This should pretty much be #3-5. 
           Oct 18th:  Stepped off of a curb on the way back to my car. (Sprained ankle)
           Oct 25th:  Slammed on brakes to avoid random car in road. (Worsened the  sprained ankle) got put in a lovely, heavy black boot.
           Nov 12th: Slipped in the cafeteria.  Not really sure what is wrong with my foot now.  Waiting to get an appointment for an MRI.

It's just been crazy.  crazy.  crazy.

I haven't even created a single thing for my store since then.  I have had SO many ideas and I keep writing them on sticky notes beside my computer and sticking them everywhere.  I did get to the figurative language pack that I have been waiting for weeks to put together.  Get it HERE or HERE!

I'm also having a sale in both stores (TPT and Teacher's Notebook) for the next few days.  Go check them out.

30 minutes until the USC/Clemson game!  GOOOOO TIGERS!
Smiles and Snapshots,