February 10, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Valentines Fun

What a week! I was only at school 3 days this week... not by choice. On Wednesdays, I go to choir practice with my mom and aunt. On the way out, my knee walker hit a place in the sidewalk and threw me off of it. On the way down I landed on my broken foot, rolled a little, just stayed there. PAIN. Oh man. PAIN like I've never felt. After a trip to the hospital, having my cast sawed off (officially the weirdest thing EVER), and having a new cast put on... I was sore from the fall. Finally today has been the first day that I haven't been sore. I'm supposed to get my cast off on Friday. Not exactly sure that will happen now. We shall see. But until then I'm in this beauty...
I am actually diggin the purple. :) 
And now it's time to announce the giveaway winner for my February giveaway!!!!!!!
It's Karen from An Apple a Day in First Grade.  Karen is a fellow SC teacher and she won the Figurative Language Packet! 

Congrats, Karen!  Go check out her blog.
My students are so into Nonfiction right now.  How awesome is that to see!?  After learning all about the nonfiction text features, we decided to make some of our own.  Here are some pictures of my kiddos make their rough drafts on their desks.  It is such a hassle to get out those dry erase boards all the time and their desks work just as great.  And when they erase their desks with Clorox wipes, it makes our  room smell so clean!  Plus, they would much rather do this!!!
Each child had to create a table of contents for their nonfiction topic that they chose.  Next it was on to index, glossary, and appendix.  Their creativity on this assignment has been great. 
Can't wait to display their projects in our room for "Treats with Teachers" on Tuesday night.  This is basically an open house but our book fair is open in the library and there are treats for everyone in the cafeteria.  Gotta love it!
What are you doing for Valentine's Day this week?  My aunt made this for my kiddos...
Champagne flutes with conversations hearts in the bottom and they'll have a cupcake in the top.  How stinkin' cute!  They will love these.
I ordered photobooth props from an Etsy shop called The Manic Moose.  I will hang butcher paper on the wall and let my kids take fun pictures to keep.
Can't wait!!!!
What are you doing for Valentine's Day this week?
Smiles and Snapshots!

February 1, 2013

February Currently

Happy February everyone!  I've linked up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently.
Here's mine:
Listening:  Shark Tank... I'm obsessed with this show.  I do not have much of a "business" mind set but I just like to see what people have come up with.  Amazes me!
Loving:  That this school week is over.  Seriously.  Longest week ever.  Last night I ended up like this...
Praise the lord for veggies! :)
Thinking: about my new giveaway. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway All you have to do is
1. Follow my blog.
2. Follow my TPT store.
3. Leave a comment with your favorite item from my store that you would like to receive FOR FREE!
4. Mention my giveaway on your blog.  You can even add my button.
Go ahead and enter! :)
Wanting: to go shopping.  I haven't been able to actually GO shopping but I've spent way too much online shopping lately.  Etsy pretty much has my heart right now.  I can't wait to get all of the things that I have ordered lately.  My poor bank account.
Needing: to color my hair.  It's nasty.
Pet Peeves: Loud people who just get louder... and then you can't hear yourself talk or think!  And bragging.  I just can't take it!
Have you entered my giveaway?  Have you linked up with Farley? 
Get busy and let's make this the best February yet! :)
Smiles and Snapshots!