May 23, 2013

Teachers Notebook Bundle

Teachers Notebook is offering a bundle that is worth over $1,800!  The proceeds will benefit those in Moore, Oklahoma.  What an amazing opportunity to help support those in need!  The bundle of donated products is available on the site now and is priced at $20, $25, $50 and $100. Regardless of the amount you contribute, you will receive access to all the donated products.

Click HERE to get to the bundle!

Smiles and Snapshots!

May 20, 2013

Memory Books plus a Foldable Tutorial :)

12 days is all the separates me from S.U.M.M.E.R!  Don't get me wrong... I love my job, love my kiddos that I've had this year but I desperately need the summer to get here.  I am completely jealous of people that I blog-stalk follow who only have a few days left.  But we have a lot to get into the next 12 days (and 3 of those are 1/2 days!).  One of the things that I want to finish is this End of Year Memory book that I put in my TPT and TN stores last night. 
It has numerous fill-in pages and grade-specific covers.  I can't wait to see what my kids put!  I definitely think this is something that parents will love to read as well.  Grab it HERE or HERE!
We have worked SUPER hard on our trioramas this week for Social Studies.  My students picked one event from 4 (out of 7) of our SS units.  Here's how you put it together....
You can use a regular sheet of computer paper.  Cut off the end to create a square.
Fold it in half.
 Fold it in half again.
When you open it back up,  you have 4 sections.
Cut between two of the sections.  I told my kids this made "legs."
This is when my students added the information for their project!  It's MUCH easier when it's not glued yet. :)
Tuck one of the "legs" underneath the other and glue. (Yep, that's a Christmas book on my desk.... I was going through my classroom library!)
This is how one section will look when it is put together.
You can staple the pieces together and create the triorama.
This is one of the FANTASTIC projects that one of my kids did!
My kids really loved this project and I'm sure that you super creative people can think of multiple uses for this foldable. :)
Off to grade papers... grades are due tomorrow!
Smiles and Snapshots!

May 2, 2013

May Currently

It’s MAY!  Not too sure where April went.  Now next week is PASS testing and tomorrow is Relay for Life.  And then field day and a field trip and cookout day and soaring stars day and move- up day!  WOW!  I’m whooped already!  Cookout day is the day when we ALL each lunch outside as a school community.  It’s a great time to see everyone together.  Hopefully it won’t rain! J  Soaring Stars is something that we do one time each nine weeks.  We celebrate those kiddos who have soared to success through grades and character all 9 weeks long.  Last 9 weeks we took them to the movies to see “The Croods” but this 9 weeks is a water day!  They are going to be soooooo excited when they find out!!!!!  Move-up day is one of my favorite days of the school year.  My fourthies will move up for 30 minutes and meet their 5th grade teacher.  I will get to meet my class for next year.  I usually play an introductory game with them and tell them a little about myself.  May is going to be fantastic and I’m ready to get it going.

And with it being the beginning of May that means it’s time to link up with Farley for her CURRENTLY!


Listening: Lady Antebellum is one of my favorite country groups.  I was stoked to see Hilary on “The Voice” too!  I try to harmonize with them in the car…. Everything sounds better in the car! J

Loving: So I was pinteresting… my favorite hobby… and I stumbled upon an app called “Level It.”  It’s $2.99 and I normally don’t buy a bunch of apps but this one was calling my name!  This app scans the barcode of your book (or you can manually enter the ISBN) for it to level the book!  You can save your search and build your classroom library in the app.  I typically use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of my books but this also has a system where kids can check books and in and out from your library!  OH MAN!

Thinking:  I need to study for my Reading Specialist test on Saturday.  I’ve made flashcards but I really need to do some heavy duty studying!

Wanting:  I saw the cutest skirt EVER at Target that I must purchase.

Needing: Surgery on my foot is upon me.  I am having it done AS SOON as school gets out for the summer.  I will recover for 2 months with no weight on it at all.  BLAH.

Summer Bucket List:  Because I’ll be off my foot all summer, it gives me the opportunity to make lots and lots of products for my TPT store!  My family has scheduled a trip to Ocean Lakes and my boyfriend’s family has scheduled a trip to Panama City… I REALLY want to go on both.  Major to just sit in the house (OL) and hotel (Panama) and chill.  Hopefully there is Wi-Fi!  And recover.. quickly!
Smiles and Snapshots!