December 30, 2012

New Years... HOLLA!

Well readers.  Remember that stupid boot I was in last time I posted.  I'm still in it.  It's our 74th day anniversary.  UGH.  Found out that I have a broken bone in there so I see a specialist on Wednesday.  Not really sure what happens with that (hard cast... PLEASE no! surgery... PLEASE no!)  So I'm being patient (not really), watching tv, reading, and pinteresting.  Ok so maybe a little R&R is what I need after a crazy, insane start of this year in 4th grade.  Holy cow.
I got all of the seasons of the Big Bang Theory for Christmas (Thanks to my sister!) so I have watched numerous episodes this week.  I spent a week at my mom's house and it was wonderful!
I decided to link up for my resolutions.  It's actually what the sermon was about this morning in church so my brain has been very resolution-y (not a real word) today.  Here we go...
I have this AMAZING opportunity to help create a Common Core workbook for Have Fun Teaching... it's through  It's a ton of work but oh man am I loving it!  With that said, I would love to really hunker down and get a lot of that finished.
I would also love to create a lot of great things for my TPT and TN store.  I have so many ideas in my head.  It's just finding time to do those.
And I bought a SMARTslate for my SMARTboard at school.  I would REALLY like to learn how to operate the dang thing. :)
I am super organized at school.... like ridiculously so!  But not in my personal life.  I feel like everywhere I go in my apartment I just leave a trail.  I desperately need to do a better job of organizing my stuff in my room.
But if you are struggling with a lot of papers and need a great way to organize, get this:
It's about $45 but it's the BEST thing I've bought for my classroom.  I have so many hanging file folders in the middle for various things that I have right at my finger tips.  STAPLES... go get one!
I need to make (and stick to) a budget.  I'm hoping my boyfriend will propose sometime soon.  (Reading this, Luke?? :)) Which means, I will have a wedding to plan and pay for.  YIKES.  I need to get it together.
Professional Growth:
Now that I have officially finished my Masters... WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!.... I would love to start on National Board in the upcoming year (next school year).
When my foot is in "working order" I tend to have zero downtime.  When I'm not at school, I'm always doing something for school it seems.  I just need to learn to leave school at school.  Is that possible???
Here's the biggy... literally! :)
I'm not sure what teaching has done to the # on the scale but it has made my weight skyrocket in the past 3 years.  WOW. 
I made a plan today and I'm sticking to it.  Gotta be ready for those engagement pics when he asks, right??
Why don't you go over to HOPE or AMY's blogs and link up.
Smiles and Snapshots,


  1. Just found your blog over at the linky and am your newest follower:) The common core project sounds amazing:)

    Hope you heal quickly!

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Hi! Glad to have found your blog too! Hope your foot heals soon! I have the same fitness goals...let the new year begin! :)

  3. I'm also thinking of starting Nationals...still thinking! Thanks for sharing all your goals. I'm your newest follower - found you through the linky.

    I Love My Classroom

  4. Sending you engagement thoughts :)
    My Second Sense

  5. Courtney, LOVE that organizer! Might just have to get one for myself! I am your newest follower.
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