June 30, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece!

Super excited about this week's TPT Seller Challenge!  The goal was to design a product for our stores.  I have been wanting to design a Teacher Binder for quite some time but I guess I just needed a nudge to get it done.  As I was completing this product, I definitely gained some inspiration for several other products that I would LOVE to create this summer!  YAY!  The binder is jam-packed with forms and  such that will keep you extremely organized throughout the school year.  I included EVERY form that I love to have and several more!

So here it is... 

You can grab a copy of this ultimate organization tool HERE!

Well I need to get into bed... almost done with Summer School!
Smiles and Snapshots,


  1. This looks awesome! Very well organized.

  2. WOW! You got yourself in gear for this one! That is such a great idea. How many times are you hunting through your files on your desktop looking for that ONE form that you KNOW you have somewhere? LOL. Way to go, Courtney. I hope this sells like hotcakes for you!! It's super cute.
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments