July 8, 2012

Christmas in July

So we had our Christmas in July party!  Oh. My. Word. I'm about crafted out but strangely ready for more.  I only did one Christmas/Winter craft but I'm pretty sure the point was just to get together and have fun.  And that is exactly what we did!

My first project came from BeColorful Designs.  I LOVED what she did with the pumpkins and I certainly wanted to do this wonderful idea justice.  I needed something to sit outside my classroom door for the holidays.  I started with stove covers, spray painted them orange, and added faces.  I've still got to make the mounting for it.

And then I decided that I could put velcro on the back and change them out according to the holiday.  And that is where my snowman came about.  I used stove covers again and spray painted them white.  I still need to make him a hat and scarf but I think he is cute!

I wanted to create owls for my door in "earthy, natural" tones.  I got the pattern from Amy Hope.  It's free, people!  Check it out.
Her blog is: http://thehoundstoothteacher.blogspot.com
Here's what it ended up as.  I think they're too cute!

On my pinterest board I had a lovely "No Name" board for papers that do not have a name on them. I got the idea from Mrs. Brown's blog. I wanted to go with my zebra theme for my room and create my own spin on it.  I have an area of my room that is very slender and I wasn't sure what was going to go there.  I think this will be perfect!

My boyfriend's sister (she calls me her "girlfriend-in-law" haha) is a 3rd grade teacher and so she was busy making things for her classroom too. 

Like PomPoms out of tissue paper.

And then we painted some cacti for her western theme room.  Just a little cardboard, box cutters, and paint.  These were SO much fun to make!

Our next thing is two really big jungle trees for my own classroom.  We may leave that for when we get back from vacation. 

I also spent some time finishing up my Common Core Aligned Writing Curriculum.  It is writing minilessons, activities, graphic organizers, and forms for 160 days of writing instruction.  You can take a look at it HERE or HERE.


I also made a SMARTBoard version of the entire curriculum.  It has all of the necessary components but just on SMARTBoard slides to make it easy for modeling in your classroom.  It is HERE and HERE.

Smiles and Snapshots,


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