August 12, 2012

August Currently

So I've been working ALL day on Common Core stuff for a presentation on Friday.  My brain is common cored out for the day.  I decided I should take a break and blog.... and probably sleep!  I decided to link up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her August Currently!

It was super hard to only choose 3 back to school must haves.  A new hot glue gun could probably be added to this list. My is really squeaky and in not so great shape.  And new colorful pens... because honestly there is nothing like a package of brand new colorful pens. :)

It's a big week in my family.  My little (and only) sister moves to college tomorrow.  Oh boy.  I don't feel old enough for her to go to college that's for sure.  Hopefully I won't cry.  The college is 20 minutes from my apartment and 45 minutes from mom's house so I will probably see her more now than I did before but it's still really hard.  When did she get so old??

I loaded some new things into both stores today (during breaks from CC madness).  Go check them out.  I'm having a sale in both :)

Smiles and Snapshots,


  1. Can you believe that the Olympics are now officially over? It flew by, probably because I was setting up my classroom the majority of the time. Anyway, I am a 4th grade teacher too - have 32 students in my room this year. Your room looks great. Wishing you an amazing school year!
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  2. I found you via the Currently link up, and am your newest follower!

    Oh my god - I saw the classroom pics post before I stopped by to leave a comment... your room is SO cute! I'm really jealous!!

    And ditto on the new outfit for the first day. Le sigh, just so hard to pick something out!

    Teach With All the Colors of the Wind