August 1, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

So when I set the giveaway to end on August 1st I didn't think it would get here this fast.  I mean, seriously, it's already August!  Oh. my. word.  I decided that I need to just make a to-do list each day or I'll never get stuff done. 

Today's To-Do List:
Finish custom orders
Add a new item to my TN and TPT stores
Figure out the layout of Daily 5 for this year
Do some cleaning
Date night with the boyfriend
Announce the giveaway winner

Why don't I go ahead and scratch one of these off of the list... the giveaway winner!  DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Congratulations Nesli! I'll be emailing your items over later today!

School's right around the corner so if you didn't win, make sure to still stop by our TPT stores and grab the items that you wanted!

Ok, off to finish some things from my to-do list! :)
Smiles and Snapshots,

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