January 4, 2013

Donors Choose

The one thing that I found in my 2 1/2 years of teaching is that teachers constantly use their own money to purchase things for their classroom.  I'm always picking up something at the store... big or small.  Things always need replenishing or I'm always digging into my pockets for extra money to buy something for a lesson.
Donors Choose is a great opportunity for teachers to post projects that are in need of funding.
Below is a description of my project....
Do you remember the days of sitting at a desk and just dying to get up, dying to move, dying for your teacher to just let you have a break? You just wanted school to be more exciting!
I teach a Title One school with many underprivileged children. Most of them will not get an opportunity outside of class to use technological equipment. I have 18 very active fourth graders who deserve the world! I develop activities and lessons to engage them but I am missing one opportunity.
With these video cameras, my students will be able to conduct numerous projects. This will create many engaging learning opportunities for them, opportunities that they wouldn't normally be given. My desire is for them to create advertisements for studying author's purpose. Create skits for American History. Capture our field trips. There are SO many possibilities!   would greatly appreciate your donation. Your donation means giving a child the chance to create learning for themselves, to challenge themselves, and make learning come alive! Students will be able to take learning in their own hands and make memories that will last a lifetime!   My students need 6 video cameras to use to make learning come alive!

Would you consider donating to my project?  If so, click HERE! :)
How do you fund items for your classroom?
Smiles and Snapshots!


  1. I love Donorschoose! I have had 6 projects fulfilled in 3 years. Good luck to you!

  2. I too teach in a Title 1 School. My husband is constantly on me about spending our $$ on my class/students. I am nervous about doing a Donors Choose Project. Good Luck on yours!!! Look for matching codes so when people donate you can match their donation!