January 27, 2013

Scooter Girl and a Freebie!

So apparently I have a new nickname... "Scooter Girl."  At first I didn't know how to take it but I've just learned to live with it for the moment.  Let me back up to last week and explain...
As you know, I was in a boot for 90 days.  No fun.  But when the doctor asked me if I could RUN, I knew that was a red flag and I needed a 2nd opinion ASAP.  I could barely walk.  Seriously.  So a few days later, I got my 2nd opinion and landed in a new pretty pink cast.
This is "pre-signatures" of course.  My 4th graders were oh so excited to sign this thing. 
So as the nice little lady was wrapping my foot in this suffocating cast, I couldn't help but ask myself a few questions.
#1. How in the world am I going to get up all of those steps (19 to be exact) to my apartment?
Hmmmm..... why not move in with my mother for a month?  She makes really good sandwiches by the way!  First time she has packed my lunch since the 5th grade.
#2. How am I going to drive?
Start a rotation of all of the lovely people in my family. 
#3.  Crutches?   I mean, there's waaaaay too much of me to haul around on crutches. :)
So #3 was solved with this beauty...
It's a knee-walker and 50 shades of awesome!  Notice the 31 bag for storage. :)
It's a little difficult to maneuver around my classroom and write on the Smartboard but we are adjusting.  At least my kiddos are anxious to help out their poor 'ole teacher.
And that would be how I obtained the nickname "Scooter Girl" this week.
3 more weeks in the cast.  I CAN DO THIS! :)
We didn't have school on Monday because of MLK Day.  So on Tuesday, we started our Nonfiction unit.  I had my students choose a fiction book and nonfiction book and get with a partner.  They went through the books to determine similarities and differences between fiction and nonfiction text.  They recorded their answers on a venn diagram and then we made a class venn diagram.
Grab your copy of the student venn diagram HERE.
Friday we were there for 2 hours but went home early due to icey road conditions.  Still NO SNOW here in SC.  Maybe one day this year. (((fingers crossed)))
How about a giveaway?  I'm teaming up with another TPT seller so make sure to stop by later this week.
Smiles and Snapshots!

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  1. Take it slowly and no running in the hallway :)
    Nice 31 bag! I have a matching one. Great minds think alike.
    My Second Sense