July 9, 2013

June Currently... a little late!

Oh yes I'm late at Farley's Currently this month but here it goes....

Listening:  I'm over at my boyfriend's parent's house and his mom is playing some instrumental music.  It's so calming.  I probably need to play more of this in my life!!!
Loving: Family dinner.... the reason why I'm over at his parent's house.  It's a weekly tradition with his entire family.
Thinking:  It took me several hours but I FINALLY uploaded all of my latest TPT stuff!  Can I get an AMEN? 
Wanting:  to get this cast off.  That, my friends, will not happen for SEVERAL more weeks. 
Needing:  I have 3 books that I need to delve into ASAP!  One is the Café book (I've already read it but it's been a while), and 2 Reading/Comprehension/Guided Reading Books.  I need to get started!
Tips, Tricks, or Hints:  Do what you LOVE!  If I make something for my TPT store, I make sure that I love it.  If I don't love it, then I can stand behind it.   I only put out products that I love and that I enjoy to create.  I encourage you to do the same.
Go link up with Farley!  Better late than never!
Smiles and Snapshots!:)


  1. Hey Courtney! I found your blog through Farley's link up! I'm reading Comprehension Connections-it's a great resource! Love your blog!

  2. I will have to look it up! Make sure you enter my giveaway before midnight tonight! :)


  3. Hey Courtney, I also found your blog though Farley's July Currently. Your blog is so cute and currently matches my new classroom! I am in the same boat with books that I have to finish (eh hem start) reading! You teach the grade that I someday want to teach! I will definitely be subscribing to your blog!


  4. Hi Courtney, I love your tip/trick. I feel that that is so important in everything we do as teachers. If we don't believe in something we do/produce, then what good is it, really?

    Have a good one!