July 19, 2013

Latest Back to School Purchases

 Loved this ecard!  I am loving planning for my new classroom but I will be sad when summer ends!!!!
GREAT news!  I finally got my cast off!  WAHOO!  Now it's on to physical therapy and learning how to walk again but I've been promised that I will be walking without crutches by the time that teacher workdays start.
Recovering from this surgery has made me one heavy duty online shopper.  Here are a few things that I purchased...
I had to have this chair for my classroom.  They are currently on sale so I ended up buying 2.  They will be great in my reading area.  Sorry the picture looks a little blurry!
Next up are these baskets for my classroom library.  For the past 3 years I have been using dollar tree baskets that break like crazy!  Those were cheap but I needed to spend a bit more money this time to get something that will last a little longer.  These come in packages of 6.
Anyone else love livingsocial deals and groupon?  A few weeks ago I bought a living social deal... $10 for $50 of products on Vistaprint.com.  I've been browsing and browsing and browsing but I decided that I would get stamps for my classroom.  The first one says "Miss Long thinks I am awesome!!!!" and the 2nd is for parent signatures.  I'm in LOVE with the 2 that I created.  I can't wait to use them!!!
I raided Goodwill today and bought several things for my classroom.  I love a good bargain! I can't wait to post my newest project! :)
Off to finish watching this "Law and Order: SVU" marathon! :)
Smiles and snapshots! :)

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  1. I LOVE the e-card you posted...so very true! I am your newest follower...I look forward to following your blog! ~Deb
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